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Advantages of Eating Ice Cream

Have you always thought that ice cream was bad for you? That is not entirely true. Here are 5 reasons why ice cream, when eaten in moderation, can be good for you:

It may help you to lose weight

According to a study, women who eat full-fat dairy products gain less weight than those who do not. This does not mean that you should inhale a whole tub of ice cream every night. However, if you eat half a cup of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, it may be a good choice.

It might help infertility

Women might want to start eating ice cream because according to a Harvard study, it can improve their chances of having a baby. The study found that those who eat full-fat ice cream twice or more per week had a lower risk of getting ovulation-related infertility.

It makes you smile

Why do you feel good every time you eat ice cream? A study found that one scoop of ice cream makes people happy. The brain activity of people eating vanilla ice cream was tracked, and as soon as they swallowed, the orbitofrontal cortex – a pleasure center in the brain – was affected immediately.

It has important nutrients

Ice cream is not a heath food. However, it provides the body with key nutrients, including potassium, calcium, and vitamins. It may also provide a small amount of protein, which is important in repairing tissue and cell growth.

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