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Best Local Ice Cream Shop in Rohnert Park

Ice cream is one of those treats that you can enjoy every day. There are infinite varieties and combinations. However, you don’t have to worry about trying them all because your local ice cream shop in Rohnert Park is the perfect way to build your ice cream tasting repertoire. There, you can eat all the ice cream you want as a leisure activity, or you can test out your ice cream connoisseur skills. Regardless of your agenda, your ultimate result will be devouring the most delicious dessert.


There’s nothing like taking a break from a long day of shopping and grabbing some lunch or dinner at the Target Shopping Center followed by an ice cream dessert. And since Cold Stone Creamery is most conveniently situated, you won’t even have to get back in your car. You can get there without having to leave the shopping center. When finished, more shopping is right around the corner.

Your Choice

Some days you might have a craving for traditional ice cream, and other days you might want something bolder and outside the box. For those latter days, a sundae with as many toppings as you can imagine will more than satisfy your intense desire for ice cream.

Nothing should hold you back from experiencing that creamy, cold substance that many take for granted during the summer. All you need to do is visit your local ice cream shop in Rohnert Park. Cold Stone Creamery welcomes visitors during normal hours of operation. If you plan to host an event, feel free to call (707) 888-0966 ahead of time. They will provide everything you need. Your guests will be able to visit the ice cream bar and make their own sundaes, or you can order a personalized ice cream cake or pie.

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