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Catering Desserts in Sonoma County

Catering desserts in Sonoma County can be difficult; everyone has such varied tastes! That is why ice cream is a dessert option everybody will love. Most creators of ice cream delights have options that appeal to all tastes as well as fun options like ice-cream cakes, specialized cones or toppings. It gets even better when the ice cream provided at your event is of the most premium quality.

An Ice Cream Dessert Event That Won’t Be Forgotten

What is your child’s favorite part of the buffet; is it the dessert station? Of course it is! Kids love dessert; everybody does! Whenever there’s ice cream, it’s a treat that stirs memories of childhood. Ice cream can take you back to a simple time when an ice cream treat would be the highlight of your day. Having a full-service ice cream station at your next event is sure to liven everybody’s spirits.

Choose From Available Options
For the ultimate ice cream bar experience for your guests, you should plan for an event of about forty people. Catering desserts in Sonoma County for a smaller crowd might be a little excessive, but not impossible to do. Include ice cream sundae bar options such as:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Variety of candy toppings
  • Gourmet ice cream flavors
  • Choice of four flavors of ice cream and/or sorbet, plus six toppings
  • Fudge, caramel, cherries and whipped cream
  • Cones and waffle bowls

Having an outdoor event? Don’t worry; no electricity is needed for some dessert catering options, which makes an ice cream experience ideal for outdoors with less mess to clean up. All cups, spoons, bowls and napkins will also be provided.

16 Years Delivering Dessert Delights
Cold Stone Creamery has been catering desserts in Sonoma County for many years. They offer the finest ice cream and finest toppings coupled with top-tier service. To explore options for your next catered event, call (707) 888-0966 for more information.

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