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Enjoy a Variety of Cold Stone Creamery’s Catering Desserts in Sonoma County

A tasty dessert is always memorable, and a good caterer will know just the right treats to serve at a function. Every event will always have a dessert that fits its theme or style. Outlined below are a list of common favorite desserts that are served at most events. When looking for catering desserts in Sonoma County, this list can help you come up with a few good ideas.

Crème Brulee

Crème brulee is a very unique dessert. Originally a French dish, it is now enjoyed by people from all cultures and backgrounds. It is made up of cream topped with caramel, and its sweetness is what makes it a favorite for many individuals.


Flans are a popular kind of sponge cake that are very popular in the southern United States and Latin America. The soft texture is contrasted with a sweet or savory filling.

Dessert Shots

These kinds of desserts were in the past served only at trendy restaurants. They are lovely to eat and are made up of cake, fruit and, in some instances, yogurt in small glasses, like tiny milkshakes or smoothies.

Chocolate-Topped Strawberries

The majority of party-lovers will find this kind of dessert lovely. Chocolate topped strawberries are commonly served at weddings, corporate events and other formal events that require tasty treats that are not only delicious but attractive as well.


Cupcakes can never go wrong at an event. No silverware is required when they are served, and that makes them very convenient and easy to eat, especially for kid-friendly events.

Red Velvet Cake

This is a common dessert for weddings because of its classy look. Red velvet cake tastes much like chocolate cake but is covered in white icing that makes it look perfect for the bridal aesthetic at weddings.

The best catering desserts in Sonoma County can be offered by Cold Stone Creamery who will go to great lengths to offer any of the above desserts and more. Call them today at 707 888-0966 for tasty desserts for your events.

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