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Ice Cream Shops in Santa Rosa, CA

There is never a bad time to indulge in ice cream. It’s the most versatile treat, making a sweet appearance at events, parties, and many special occasions across the world. Of all the ice cream shops in Santa Rosa that you can visit, Cold Stone Creamery should be your preferred option. There, you’ll find everything you need, no matter what type of event you’re hosting.

All Occasions

Ice cream is not just for summer parties when everyone needs relief from the heat. It is for every occasion and every situation.

  • Corporate – Office parties and events
  • School – Fundraisers, social parties, sporting events, and normal school activities
  • Private – Parties, weddings, Superbowl gatherings, and dinner parties
  • Community – Volunteer training, appreciation events, neighborhood gatherings, and holiday parades

Selections for Everyone

Picky people are the best because of the creativity that is generated from their quirks and preferences. This is one reason why Cold Stone Creamery is suitable for everyone.

  • Variety of items – You can select from ice cream, sorbet, cakes, pies, or even mini versions of many of the selections.
  • Healthier choices – In addition to the traditional toppings, this shop also offers fresh fruits, nuts, and berries if you want to be a little more health conscious while still indulging in ice cream.
  • Endless possibilities – Even if you are one of the more extremely selective people, you will have absolutely no problem finding the right combination of tastes and toppings. Cold Stone Creamery might be the only ice cream shop in Santa Rosa offering these possibilities and combinations.

There are ice cream parlors that sell the treat all year long but only one that offers a wide selection of ice cream, toppings, and sauces that match the event you’re hosting. When it’s time for your next big bash and you need one of the ice cream shops in Santa Rosa to cater, be sure to call Cold Stone Creamery at (707) 888-0966.

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