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Take a Vacation: Ice Cream in Santa Rosa

If you’re like me, your love for ice cream goes beyond taste. It’s an emotional texture, a blend of creamy softness and flavor that is unlike anything else. The first ice cream may have been created by the Chinese as early as 3000 B.C., but Marco Polo is credited with bringing its heavenly mixture to Italy – the rest is history!

Ice cream is America’s favorite dessert, and we – each one of us – eat about 20 quarts every year. My 20 quarts are coffee ice cream, sometimes with nuts and a little bit of chocolate syrup. And peanut butter. Oh, and I can’t forget the whipped cream.

In my family, memorable events were always followed by a trip to the local soft-serve ice cream store. Over the years, soft ice cream has been watered down and the hard ice cream we buy today has been blasted full of air that increases the volume while lowering the cost of production. And it makes the ice cream too hard.

Thanks to American ingenuity, the perfect ice cream does exist!

Cold Stone Creamery makes ice cream fresh every day. You choose your ingredients, then watch as everything is cut and folded together on frozen granite, giving the ice cream the perfect texture. The ingredients are fresh, so the taste is one-of-a-kind – every time!

Visiting a Cold Stone Creamery is like taking a vacation; a time when you leave the demands of everyday life outside and enter the kind of world ice cream is: happy, musical, and fun.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. Same thing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to 20 quarts of ice cream this year. You can find happiness and the very best ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, located at 2280 Mendocino Avenue in the Santa Rosa Safeway Shopping Center.

In addition to having your own vacation moment with ice cream, if you or your organization would like to learn about catered ice cream in Santa Rosa or tasteful fundraising, call 707-888-0966 or contact Cold Stone Creamery today.

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