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Tasty Local Ice Cream Shop in Santa Rosa

Can you think of an event where ice cream wouldn’t be the absolute best treat? Cold Stone Creamery is a destination before, or after our regular family events. Going to the movies? Stop in before or after your movie! Going to Chucky Cheese? Stop in. Shopping at Target or having dinner at Applebee’s? Come visit! No one can resist its alluring taste, and Cold Stone Creamery is the only local ice cream shop in Santa Rosa that can deliver all of your ice cream needs.

More Than a Scoop

Ice cream is great, but it can be even better when it comes in the form of a cake or pie. You can even dress up your cone or sundae with fruit, nuts, and candy toppings. Choose from a traditional ice cream cone or treat yourself to a waffle cone. You can even mix and match to develop your own new creations. There are new flavors and toppings added frequently, so be sure to visit often so that you can continue to enjoy all that Cold Stone has to offer.

Furthermore, if you’re into eating all the ice cream you want behind your family’s back, that isn’t all bad; but it’s certainly a lot more fun when you share. Your next event can include all the ice cream choices you love. That’s the best way to make everyone happy and make up for all those times you “cheated.” You will have all of the items you need for everyone to enjoy a big bowl.

Raise While You Praise

Tell all of your friends about your favorite local ice cream shop in Santa Rosa. As word of mouth spreads, you can plan an ice cream party to raise money for your favorite charity or personal cause. When you decide to host such a fundraiser, all you need to do is contact Cold Stone Creamery, and they will make sure that you have all the ice cream, toppings, cones, bowls, and utensils that you need to sit back and watch everyone have a blast as your funds grow for your favorite charity.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in more than one cup, and add as many toppings as you want when you visit the local ice cream shop in Santa Rosa. Cold Stone Creamery is unlike any other shop you will visit and patronize. Call (707) 888-0966 to plan your event.

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