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Enjoy a Fresh Treat from Ice Cream Shop Cold Stone Creamery in Santa Rosa

As the weather gracefully blends from spring to summer, a sweet treat is the perfect way to usher in longer evenings and graceful outdoor strolls. Cold Stone’s ice cream shop in Santa Rosa offers up something for everyone here, which is why whether you’re looking to reward yourself or just want a little evening pick-me-up, there just is nothing like a mouth melting scoop of your favorite ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Get it and Go

The beauty of ice cream is you don’t need to just sit and eat. Sure, you can pull up a chair and relax as the sweetness of your favorite ice cream melts away all the stresses of the day, but at Cold Stone Creamery, you can also order ice cream made fresh with the finest ingredients for an afternoon stroll. There is something very soothing about eating ice cream as you walk in the beautiful weather, taking in the sights and sounds around you. Cold Stone Creamery goes beyond just ice cream, and offers a variety of other delicious treats as well.

Made the Way You Like It

The beauty of ice cream is that it’s a dessert with a blank palette. You can take your favorite flavors, combine them and add to them. Whether you love the combination of salty peanuts with the sweetness of your ice cream or you’re a fruit and chocolate fan, you can make the ice cream your own. With an ice cream sundae, you can prep the perfect ice cream with all your favorite toppings. You should always start with the best ice cream in the world. So why not stop by the ice cream shop in Santa Rosa for the perfect spring cone or bowl? After all, ice cream really is the dessert that brings people together. From young to old, everyone can enjoy customized ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Transform Your Spring With Ice Cream

There really isn’t a bad time for ice cream. In fact, just about every activity can be made better with the delicious treat. Thanks to your friendly neighborhood ice cream shop in Santa Rosa, you can stop by any time and have a few scoops of heaven. Once you take the first bite you’ll remember why you’ve loved ice cream since you were a child. Contact Cold Stone Creamery today!

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