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Not Your Kiddies Ice Cream: An Adult Spin on this Childhood Classic

Ice cream has long been an iconic summer staple of childhood; however, this sweet, creamy treat can be enjoyed year-round by both kids and adults. Here at Cold Stone Creamery, your local ice cream shop in Petaluma, we have worked to create wonderful treats for your grown-up tastes.

Sophisticated Flavors 

Sure, the traditional chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are classic and tasty, but adult palates crave complexity. Each carefully crafted ice cream flavor is handmade daily in-store using the freshest ingredients. When you taste the creamy goodness, rich ingredients, and decadent mix-ins, you will be transported back to the simpler times while pleasing your more sophisticated tastes.

Healthy Mix-In Options

One of the things that sets Cold Stone Creamery apart from other ice cream shops is our one-of-a-kind ice cream Creations. You pick the flavor and the mix-ins to create your perfect treat. To please the grown-up in you, we offer many healthy mix-in options, such as fresh fruit and nuts.

Beyond the Sundae

While ice cream sundaes are a summer staple, ice cream pies are perfect for fall. Instead of your go-to casserole, consider bringing one of our custom-made ice cream pies or cakes to your next holiday gathering.  Each pie is custom created using the flavors and mix-ins you choose, providing endless options for a delightful holiday treat. Take your parties to a new level with our catering options or Sundae Bar to Go!

Not Your Kids Sorbet

There is nothing quite like the sweet, crisp flavor of freshly made fruit sorbet unless it’s made with your favorite wine that is. Here at your local ice cream shop in Petaluma, we proudly create mouthwatering refreshing sorbet made from your choice of wine. This custom sorbet uses four bottles of whichever wine you prefer to make five glorious gallons.

Feed Your Inner Child

Sophisticated flavors and adult sorbet aside, here at Cold Stone Creamery, you can set your inner child free with any of our homemade flavors and amazing mix-ins. While fresh fruit and nuts pack a healthy punch perfect for your more adult tendencies, gummy bears and cookie crumbs call to your inner kid – feel free to answer.

Ice cream is not just for kids and summertime but it is also perfect for a well-deserved treat all year round regardless of your age. Please contact Stone Cold Creamery in Petaluma for more information.

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