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Popular Ice Cream Toppings in Santa Rosa

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whether beating the heat or just looking for a tasty treat, there really is nothing like a cold scoop of the delicious desert. The best part of all is you can make it your own. With the addition of topics on your ice cream in Santa Rosa, you can customize any kind of ice cream you might want. Here are just a few of the best and most popular ice cream toppings to choose from.

Ah, Nuts

Adding nuts to your ice cream is all about bringing on board additional texture and some crunch. There’s just something about the crunchy element that can really bring out the rest of the flavors.

Plus, nuts are going to have a bit of a salty flavor to it. The sale, mixed with the sweetness of the ice cream, can go exceptionally well together. Of course, you just need to select the right kind of nut for your taste buds.


If you’re more of the natural taste lover, why not consider some fruit? Fruit has a nice consistency as it isn’t too hard and yet there is a nice, natural feel to it. With fruit added to your ice cream you can bring on an additional flavor without going overboard with more sugar.

So whether you’re a fan of added strawberries, blueberries or you want something a little bit different, there’s never a bad time to add fruit.


One of the all-time favorite toppings, there’s just something about adding sprinkles to ice cream. Whether it is chocolate sprinkles, little sprinkles of cookie dough or something altogether different, and adding sprinkles can really take your ice cream to the next level.

Drizzle Toppings

Basically, anything that has a bit if a liquid consistency falls under this category. Maybe you like some caramel? Or perhaps hot fudge fan?

The best part about ice cream is you can do just about anything you want to it. So if you want to take a traditional scoop to the next level, make sure to pick out your favorite toppings. These are just a handful of the most population items out there.

The next time you stop by for a delicious treat; make sure to check out all the different options available to you at Cold Stone Creamery for the very best ice cream in Santa Rosa. Contact us anytime!

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