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The Very Best Ice Cream Shop in Petaluma

A big bowl of ice cream is always in season no matter what time of year it is. There are endless varieties and combinations. There are many places in America that give cone heads their frosty fix. However, there is nothing like a few scoops served at a local ice cream shop in Petaluma.

This is the perfect shop in America where you can create your ice cream tasting collection. You can be sure you’ll get the ultimate ice cream experience that will make you devour the most delicious dessert.

Your choice

  • The secret to Cold Stone Creamery’s decadent ice cream is its all-natural premium butterfat mix which ensures a rich, creamy ice cream.
  • The frozen dessert is churned out daily in small batches right in the ice cream shop in Petaluma to ensure you get the freshest treat. Inspiration for flavors comes from tasty inclusions made in our kitchen and from local fruit available to us.
  • Whether you want a traditional ice cream or want something bolder, we’ve got you covered. When you want something outside the box, a sundae with as many toppings as you want will surely satisfy your intense craving for ice cream.

Creative options for events

  • The best ice cream shop in Petaluma is the one that offers many other ice cream based treats in addition to the frozen treat. Cold Stone Creamery in Petaluma is the best shop that you can trust to make your event unique and entertaining. Our Sundae Bar To Go is fun for group events of 25-30.
  • We also create unique, handcrafted ice cream cakes and cupcakes made with the freshest ingredients. They are truly exceptional and delicious for every party, event or special occasion. Imagine having your photo on a personalized delicious ice cream cake. Sounds great, right? You can get that here.
  • Our signature caramel apple pies made with ice cream, creamy cinnamon frosting, and caramel sauce will give you a truly one-of-a-kind pie sensation. If you’re having a wine club event or winery special occasion, we make excellent sorbet from all varietals.

Cold Stone Creamery

We have the best ice cream on the planet with lots of options to choose from. Cold Stone Creamery has become the premier ice cream shop in Petaluma because of its reputation for quality ice cream and great service. To discuss your ice cream needs, call us at (707) 888-0966 today!

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